Hello everybody!

My name is Mauro Galbiati and this is my personal web site, where you can find some of my studio productions and coproductions.

Click on my skills below to listen some music and click here to take a look to my credits.

I’ve worked in the audio world since 1994 and during my on the road activities I have gained experience in monitor engineer, FOH engineer, stage management, technical direction for events / festivals, tour management, production management.
Besides the live music activities I have also provided studio recording services in studio production and audio post-production for video.
I worked as freelance until my new activity in Collective Communication, the integrated communications company I founded with some colleagues and friends where I’m Audio specialist and Production manager.


Activities detail : www.thinkcollective.it/audio-pro-2/

My company website : www.thinkcollective.it

My e-mail : mauro@thinkcollective.it